How To Get Skill Mastery In Project Mugetsu (PM)

Here is how you can get Skill Mastery in PM for Roblox.

Looking to get skill mastery in Project Mugetsu? Well, you are not alone, several players are trying to achieve the same. This is a new game based on the manga and anime series Bleach. Here you can become a Soul Reaper, get your Shikai, fight bosses, and do other fun things. So among these things, here is how you can unlock skill mastery in PM.

How to Get Skill Mastery in Project Mugetsu

how to get skill mastery in project mugetsu
Image Credit: beastii on YouTube

You need to fight enemies and use your Skills, in order to get their Mastery. This method is the general method that works to unlock mastery in almost everything in this game. So for example, if you wanted weapon mastery you would attack more using your weapons. Similarly, you have to use your abilities a lot if you want to get your ability mastery. So here is the best farming method for it:

  • Fight Bosses: The best way to farm your skill mastery is to use your skills on bosses. And the reason this method is the best is because you can continue your fight from where you left off. So even if you died while fighting the boss, if you respawn and resume, you can fight without losing progress. So the boss should already have some HP chipped away. Keep doing this until you defeat the boss. Once done with the fight, you should get a lot of Mastery for your skill.
  • Defeat NPCs: While not as effective as the above method. Killing NPCs using your skills works quite well when you are trying to get its mastery.

What is Skill Mastery used for in PM?

Skill mastery lets you unlock new skills and deal more damage to your enemies when attacking them. The higher the mastery the more damage you can deal.

Skill Mastery is also useful for unlocking new skills. Simply go to the menu and next go to the Skills sub-tab. You can now spend your mastery and money to get new skills.

That is everything you need to do to unlock and get skill mastery in Project Mugetsu PM. Since you like this game you should also find our guides useful on its controls list, race tier list, and how to unlock bankai.