Project Mugetsu Controls List – Block, Shift Lock, Dash & More

Here's a full list of Project Mugetsu Controls.

If you are looking for Project Mugetsu Controls List to learn how to block, shift lock, and more, then you’re at the right place. This new Roblox game is based on the popular anime called Bleach. Fans of this anime know about the great powers the characters can wield. In Roblox PM, you can choose to be a Soul Reaper or an Arrancar. As you reach higher levels, you’ll learn abilities like Bankai. But first, you must know the basic controls and this guide will tell you all about them in PM.

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Project Mugetsu Home Screen

Here’s a full list of controls for Roblox PM.

Controls Keybinds
Basic Movements W, A, S, D
Block F
Run Left Shift
Jump Spacebar
Mouse Shift Lock Left Ctrl
Dash Q
Left Attack Combo M1
Right Attack Combo M2
Reiatsu R
Game Menu M
Meditating K
Backpack L
Air Walking (Arrancars and Soul Reapers only) T
Emote Menu B
Camera Zoom In I
Camera Zoom Out O
Chat /


What is Reiatsu in Project Mugetsu?

In Project Mugetsu, Reiatsu allows players to use powerful attacks. To trigger Reiatsu, simply press R and then press the button bound to the attack you prefer.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a Quick-time event mechanic through which players can unlock Shikai and Bankai.

How to Perform Combos in PM?

At the moment, there are three combos in the game. First is the LRLRL aerial combo, then the LLRRL barrage combo, and finally the LRRLR heavy combo.

Are there Codes to Get Free Rewards?

The game features several codes that players can use to get freebies. These include limited Mastery Boost, Shikai or Resurrección resets, free Spins, EXP, and more. However, the codes are regularly updated so make sure you visit this site and use them before they expire.

We hope our Project Mugetsu Controls List helps you learn the game better. For more helpful guides like Clans Tier List, make sure you check out our PM guides.