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Destiny 2 How To Get Sharp Flavor In The Dawning (2021)

Trying to craft Vanilla Blades or the Ascendant Apple Tarts in the Dawning? Check out our guide on how to get the Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2.

In the Dawning Holiday event of Destiny 2, you get two flavors for taking out your enemies. These flavors are Blanaced & Sharp Flavors, these work as the ingredients for many recipes that you can craft in this game. But for this guide, we’ll focus on Sharp Flavor. So check out how to get Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2 Dawning event and how to craft Vanilla Blades & Ascendant Apple Tart.

How to Get Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2 Dawning event

how to get sharp flavor in destiny 2

You get Sharp Flavor by defeating enemies using a Sword. Although your Sword’s element can affect the drop. So to easily farm Sharp Flavor take out as many enemies as you can using a sword. Be sure to refill it with ammo before getting in fights. This will ensure that you can fight longer and get more drops from the enemies.

After you finish farming Sharp Flavor you can go back to the Holiday Oven to start crafting the cookies. There are two recipes that require Sharp Flavor, they are Ascendant Apple Tart and Vanilla Blades. Below are all the ingredients that you need to craft these recipes.

  • Ascendant Apple Tarts:
    • Sharp Flavor x1
    • Essence of Dawning x15
    • Taken Butter x1
  • Vanilla Blades:
    • Sharp Flavor x1
    • Essence of Dawning x15
    • Cabal Oil x1

If you follow the above steps you can easily get Sharp Flavor that you can use with the other ingredients to make the above-mentioned cookies. You can give the Vanilla Blades to Lord Shaxx, and Ascendant Apple Tart to Queen Mara. Both of these NPCs will give you a gift in exchange for these cookies.

That sums up this guide on how to get Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2 Dawning event. You should also check our other guides on how to check server status, find halo weapons, and get dark chocolate motes in Destiny 2.