How To Get S Rank In Battletoads

Achieve the highest rank at the end of a level.

All the players would be trying hard to achieve the S rank in Battletoads, and why not, it offers so many rewards. S rank is the highest rank that players can get based on their performance at the end of each level in Battletoads. Ending the level with an S rank can yield collectibles as rewards. These collectibles can further unlock various collectible-related achievements in the game. Not only this, but players can also get a rank related achievement (Brawling … With Style! (15G)) for getting their first S rank. In this guide, we will walk you through how to quickly get S rank in Battletoads and why you need them.

Battletoads: How to Get S Rank

To put it straightforwardly, there is no single way to get the S rank. You will simply have to use a combination of strategies to get it. Firstly, you need to try different combat moves. Sticking to a single move or combo won’t do any good to you, instead, you need to use a variety of them to give a boost to your overall performance. You can try to run faster to be more agile in the game and then use some best combinations to get the S rank.

Secondly, you will have to show teamwork. Keep eliminating enemies all by yourself or allow your partner to do that and you will miss the chances of getting S rank in Battletoads. Tag in your partners frequently and work as a team to defeat all the enemies and you will get your reward at the end of the fight. You can use your tongue to aim and attack in Battletoads.

Finally, you will have to keep dodging and evading enemy attacks to avoid any damage. It might sound very difficult to avoid any damage but it doable if you know the right tricks to easily dodge and evade enemy attacks in Battletoads.

Keep using a combination of these strategies and you can easily get S rank in Battletoads. But why put in so much effort in getting the S rank. As mentioned earlier, S rank gives you many collectibles and achievements. The collectibles can be any item that is used within the game. If you continue to get collectibles in levels, you can unlock five different achievements in Battletoads. These five achievements are:

Achievement Description
It Begins (5G) Get your first collectible
Scratching an Itch (10G) Get all collectibles in a level
Making Progress (15G) Get a total of 25 collectibles
I’ve Started So I’ll Finish (30G) Get a total of 75 collectibles
Did You Use a Walkthrough? (60G) Get every collectible in the game!

That’s how you can easily get S rank in Battletoads. If you are thinking of something bigger than S rank, like defeating a boss, here’s a guide to beat Porkshank, the first boss, in Battletoads. So get on your turbo bikes and start your adventure.