How To Aim And Attack With Tongues In Battletoads

Use your tongues to aim and attack in Battletoads.

Toads are usually dependent on their tongue be it in real life or Battletoads. Players can use the tongue on Battletoads to perform multiple activities. Some of these activities include picking up health, attacking enemies, and traversing. If you are not aware of how to perform these actions with your tongue than it will be very difficult for you to progress in the game. To help you out, here’s our tongue guide to help you learn how to aim and attack with tongue in Battletoads.

Battletoads: How To Use Your Tongue In Battletoads

As mentioned earlier, you can use tongues in Battletoads to perform three major actions. Regardless of the action, you will first have to aim with your tongue to be able to proceed further. To aim for a target, you will have to press the LT button in Xbox One and Ctrl in PC. This will activate aim and then you can turn to the direction you want to aim. Once this is done, you can perform the three actions accordingly:

Pick Up Health

Picking up flies will give you health in Battletoads. For this, you will have to aim and pick flies with your tongue in Battletoads. Once you have activated aim, simply press LT + Y in Xbox One and Ctrl + Right Mouse Button to pick up health in Battletoads.

Attack Enemies

If you want to attack enemies with your tongue press LT + X in Xbox One and Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to do so. This will pull enemies and deal some damage to them.

Move Back And Forth

In Battletoads, you can traverse between different levels. The areas where you can traverse between levels are denoted by tongue rings which are seen on both sides of the level. To traverse, press LT + B in Xbox One and Ctrl + Space in PC.

That’s how you can aim and attack with your tongues in Battletoads. You can perform some other cool stuff in the game. For instance, you can use Turbo bikes and play with friends. You can also get Fightin’ Frogs Ship Set for Sea of Thieves by playing Battletoads.