Battletoads Boss Guide: How To Defeat Porkshank

Beat Porkshank the first boss in Battletoads and complete the first act.

The sequel of Battletoads is out and you will pretty quickly run into the first boss at an early stage of the game. Since it will be real soon, in the very first act, it can be difficult to defeat Porkshank in Battletoads. Follow this guide and we will make it fairly simple for you. Here’s how to beat Porkshank in Battletoads.

Battletoads: How to Beat Porkshank (First Boss)

Porkshank, the pink pig, is the first boss you will come across in Battletoads. Concentration is what will help you defeat Porkshank in Battletoads. He will summon mobs that you will have to look after during the battle. There will be a total of three phases that you will have to complete to defeat the boss.

First Phase

At the initial stage of the fight, Porkshank will swing his hands to hit you. Monitor his movements and dodge his attacks. You will have to look for an exclamation sign that will be shown before he is about to attack. Simply dodge his attacks and then land your blow. You should also look for flies around and swallow them regularly to maintain your health. When Porkshank is almost half his health he will run away and summon a few mobs to take care of you. Beat these mobs and this will conclude the first phase of the boss battle.

Second Phase

In the second phase of the fight, Porkshank will be much quicker than before. This time his move will be a shoulder charge. It will be easy to anticipate his moves if you look carefully at him. He will give a sign before the attack by landing his hand on the ground and bending lower. Dodge him and Porkshank will bang into walls with his shoulder attack. This is when he will stun himself and give you an opportunity to attack him. Porkshank will run again to end the second phase.

Third Phase

During the third phase, Porkshank will split into two. One of the Porkshank will resemble the first phase attacks and the other will resemble the second phase. Use the same strategies as you used in the first and second phases to beat them one at a time. This will get you the victory against the first Battletoads boss Porkshank.

Follow these steps to defeat Pokshank in Battletoads. You can also play with your friends and take their help. Once you defeat Porkshank and complete the first act, you can also get the Battletoads Ship Set in Sea of Thieves. Don’t forget to save your progress in the game.