How To Get Emote Auras In Blade Ball (RNG Emotes)

Tired of using the same old default emotes? Get new Aura Emotes in Blade Ball with this method.

Roblox Blade Ball offers much more than arena fights. Apart from the default emotes, it often gives unique ones with events, quests, and more. This time, it has introduced a feature where you can get Emote Auras just by staying idle. Yes, you heard that right. There is a way that offers over thirty Emotes and requires no effort. If you’re curious to know about it in detail, scroll down and find out.

Since the game has a luck system, there are ways to boost your luck and get those faster. They differ in rarity, so even if you get most of them, few will take the time to show up. Thus, we have given the routes to boost the chance with and without using Robux.

Where to Find and Get RNG Emote Auras in Blade Ball

Get RNG Emote Auras in Blade Ball
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The RNG Emotes are available in the AFK World. Upon entering the Blade Ball, look for the AFK on the boundaries of the waiting and spectate area. Interact with it to enter the world. Stay idle, and every 14 seconds, the system will roll for rewards. However, you won’t always get them, even the common ones.

If you don’t intend to spend Robux, you can wait 30 minutes to get 1.25x Luck, 3 hours for 1.5x, 5 hours for 1.75x, and 10 hours for 2x. It will reset once you leave, so ensure you have a stable connection before entering the world.

Not all emotes have auras, but plenty do, including common ones. For that reason, even if you don’t have time to wait for all, you should at least wait 30 minutes to get a few aura ones. Alternatively, you can spend the Robux and get 2x Luck from the plans listed in the bottom right corner. Players can get the Premium Rewards pack shown in the left corner to double everything: Stars, Luck, and Coins.

All RNG Emotes With and Without Auras

These are all RNG emotes with and without Auras:

  1. Aurora Spirit
  2. Celestial Awakening
  3. Celestial Levitation
  4. Clap
  5. Cosmic Angel
  6. Cosmic Charge
  7. Dark Angel
  8. Dimensional Pit
  9. Electric Meditate
  10. Elemental Mark
  11. Flame Meditate
  12. Frost Hands
  13. Frosty Clap
  14. Heart Clap
  15. Hot Hands
  16. Hunter’s Hands
  17. Matrix Infusion
  18. Meditate
  19. Mythical Enchanter
  20. Natural Meditate
  21. Phoenix Rebirth
  22. Shock Bolt
  23. Sinister Awakening
  24. Skies Ablaze
  25. Snow Angel
  26. Solar Charge
  27. Sparkling Clap
  28. Void Bolt
  29. Void Shield
  30. Water Angel
  31. Water Meditate

This concludes our where to find and how to get RNG Emote Auras in Blade Ball. For more topics from the game, you can check our Roblox section and find out how to collect Galactic Tokens and get Singularity before the Galaxy Spin expires.