Blade Ball: How To Get Galactic Tokens

Want to acquire or upgrade the new Galactic ability Singularity but missing Galactic Tokens in Blade Ball? Here is how to gather it.

Blade Ball Galactic update is live, with new abilities, weapons, quests, and exclusive currencies. One of the two currencies that we are using here are Stars and Galactic Tokens. Stars are used in Galaxy Spin to acquire crates, swords, and other raffle items, while tokens are needed to unlock and upgrade Singularity ability.

If you are here, you must have unlocked the ability or would have collected the other items required for it, but missing the last piece. Since you have found this, you do not need to search anywhere else, as this guide contains all the ways to collect these tokens before time runs out.

How to Get and Where to Use Galactic Tokens in Blade Ball

Get and Use Galactic Tokens in Blade Ball
Image Credit: Slat Gaming on YouTube

Galactic Token is obtainable from the Galaxy Spin Epic Raffle. It has a 5% chance of appearing as the reward from it. So far, this is the only way to get this token in the game, and it doesn’t seem like any other alternative will be made available. As we have said above, you need Stars to use Galaxy Spin or buy them with Robux.

Stars are collected from various sources, including the daily rewards and battlepass quests. Apart from those, like the other exclusive currencies, it can be bought with the Robux from the Currency Shop.

After using a specific amount of Galaxy Spins, you can claim free ones from the top Spender rewards. The highest spender gets weapons like Horizon Reaper, but that refreshes daily. If you are planning to buy and spend on spins, it is better to do them at once so you can claim spender rewards.

You need one token and a few other items to unlock the Singularity ability and two tokens to upgrade it. Keep collecting the Stars and spinning till you get the required Galactic Tokens in Blade Ball, and then check out the other topics we have covered at Gamer Tweak. Start with our clan guide, and then find out how to get no cooldown.