Roblox Blade Ball Singularity Guide

Wondering how you can get and upgrade Singularity in Blade Ball? Here is all you have to do for it.

The latest update with Galactic Battlepass, Nebula Spin, Galactic Spin, and a plethora of unique and time-limited items has made the players grind for them. Among these is the ability of Singularity in Blade Ball. This ability makes the ball gravitate toward you and shoot out at the opponent with extreme velocity.

As you might already have guessed or faced, getting this OP skill is not a piece of cake. You need to spend a lot of time and luck unlocking and upgrading it. However, before starting the hunt, it is best to understand what you will face there. This guide explains everything you need to know for obtaining and advancing this ability.

How to Get Singularity Ability in Roblox Blade Ball

How to Get Singularity Ability in Roblox Blade Ball

Singularity is unlocked using three items: Galactic Emperor, Galactic Harbinger, and Galactic Token. All of these are obtained from the Epic Raffle of the Galaxy Spin. To use the spin, you must spend or purchase Stars with the Robux. It requires 400 Stars to spin once. You can collect Stars from daily rewards, quests, and more or buy them from the Currency Shop.

The difference between the Normal and Epic Raffle is that you have to first land on the Normal Raffle Chest (3%) to use the Epic one. In the Epic Raffle, the Galactic Emperor rate is 42%, Galactic Harbinger is 19%, and the lowest of them all, Galactic Token is 5%. Once you have all the items, it will automatically unlock, and you can equip it from the Abilities section.

How to Upgrade Singularity in Blade Ball

After unlocking Singularity, you must collect two more Galactic Tokens to upgrade it. Since these tokens have the lowest rate among all the Epic Raffle items, you might decide to spend Robux on them. If you do, it is best to spend that at once. The highest spenders get different rewards, including Spins and weapons like Plasma Beam Blade, but it refreshes daily.

With this, we conclude our how to get and upgrade Singularity in Blade Ball guide. For more topics like this, make sure to skim through the Gamer Tweak. We have covered topics like how to emote and explained the VIP system of this Roblox game.