Anime Last Stand: How To Get Technique Reroll Shards

Not happy with the technique your current unit has in Anime Last Stand? You should get some rerolls and change it!

In Anime Last Stand, there are many characters who work as units to help you defend your base. However, you may sometimes need to change their technique to something better. That is where the need to get rerolls comes in. There is a special NPC that takes care of the rerolling part. But the catch is you need enough reroll shards for it. So below are all the methods through which you can collect them and also how to use them.

How to Get Technique Reroll Shards in Anime Last Stand

Complete Challenges To Earn Technique Reroll Shards In Anime Last Stand
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Complete challenges to get Rerolls in ALS.

There are three main ways you can get rerolls in ALS:

  • Free methods:
    • Using Codes – This is the easiest and quickest method as long as the codes that give rerolls work. Click the Codes button on the left side of the main screen and paste the codes. Redeem them, and you can use them directly.
    • Complete Challenges – Completing Challenges on Nightmare difficulty is a good way to farm Reroll shards. They aren’t a guaranteed drop, but each time you do one challenge, you can expect to get anywhere between 0-3 rerolls.
  • Paid method:
    • Buy Shards using Robux – If you don’t want to grind by playing the game, then you can spend Robux on the game instead. Here are the Shard prices:
      • 1 Shard: 139 Robux
      • 10 Shards: 999 Robux
      • 25 Shards: 2299 Robux
      • 50 Shards: 4499 Robux
      • 100 Shards: 7499 Robux

How to Reroll in ALS

How To Reroll In Anime Last Stand
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. How to use Technique Reroll Shards in Anime Last Stand.
  1. Go to the Technique shop.
  2. Walk up to the NPC and interact with them.
  3. Next, select one of the units that you would like to reroll.
  4. If you have enough shards, click on the Reroll button, and their ability will change.

That is all for how you can get Rerolls in Anime Last Stand. If you have any other doubts on some game mechanics then you can check out their Trello board. As for unlocking units, you can check out guides on how to get Saitama, Gon, and Itachi.