Anime Last Stand Gon: How To Unlock Kon Units In ALS

Watched Hunter x Hunter and are now looking to have Gon in your team in Anime Last Stand? Well, here is how you can easily unlock him!

Anime Last Stand offers players several different characters as tower units from their favorite series, and if you want to get someone from Hunter x Hunter then Gon has to be your pick. What’s interesting is, this game has two of his units that you can unlock. The first one is Kon which is his kid version and is of Epic rarity. Alternatively, you can also get Kon (Adult), a Celestial unit in ALS.

How to Get Gon in Anime Last Stand

As mentioned above, there are two versions of Gon that you can unlock in ALS; both can be obtained as a summon from Banner 2.

How to Get Kon in ALS

Since Kon is an Epic unit, you can unlock him from both Banner 1 and Banner 2. While it comes down to luck, you should be able to unlock him anywhere between 20 and 50 summons of Banner 1. The chances should increase even further if you use summons of Banner 2.

How to Get Kon (Adult)

Kon Adult is somewhat tricky because he is a Celestial unit. To unlock Banner 2, you first need to complete Act 6 of Hollow Dimension on any difficulty. Next, it comes down to luck. Banner 2 summons are a bit pricier, as 1 summon costs 75 Emeralds. The pity also isn’t small because, for a Celestial unit, you need to make 250 summons.

Gon Stats in Anime Last Stand

Kon is a decent unit, but if you can get your hands on Kon (Adult), then you get some real power because he also applies cripple to the enemies. Here are both of their stats:

  • Kon Stats at Level 1
    • Upon Deploying
      • Deployment Cost: 450 Money
      • Damage dealt: 139
      • Range: 10
    • Upgrade 5
      • Upgrade Cost: 3000 Money
      • Damage dealt: 1160
      • Range: 20
  • Kon (Adult) at Level 1
    • Upon Deploying
      • Deployment Cost: 2150 Money
      • Damage dealt: 4480
      • Range: 22.4
    • Upgrade 6
      • Upgrade Cost: 42500 Money
      • Damage dealt: 40900
      • Range: 33.3

That is all for how you can get Gon in Anime Last Stand. While you are looking for some units in the game, also check our guides on how to get Best Waifu, Angel, and how to evolve Flash.