How To Get Itachi (Illusionist Unit) In Anime Last Stand

Looking to put your enemies in a genjutsu? Then the Illusionist unit in ALS has you covered. Here is how you can get Itachi in Anime Last Stand.

Anime Last Stand has characters from several different anime, so it would have felt incomplete if you couldn’t get Itachi here. He is one of the best characters in Naruto and probably has some of the saddest backstories in the series. But that isn’t all there is to him, he is also a very strong character which transfers to this game as well. Here, you can find him as the Illusionist unit of Mythic rarity. So this is his unlock procedure and his stats.

How to get Illusionist Itachi in Anime Last Stand

How To Get Itachi In Anime Last Stand
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. You can use Banner 1 to summon Itachi in ALS.

You can get Itachi by summoning him from Banner 1 or Banner 2 of the game. The catch is that you will have to wait for him to be available when you try to summon him. So, if you want to play with your luck, you can make a few summons beforehand to build your pity.

The mythic units rotate in both of them hourly, so if the above image shows Speedcart, you will have to wait until Illusionist shows up. Once it is available, you can either spend 50 Emeralds to make 1 summon in Banner 1 or 75 Emeralds in Banner 2. So, a 10x summon would cost 500 and 750 Emeralds, respectively.

Pulling Itachi from Banner 2 is a better idea because you have a higher chance of getting him. If you haven’t unlocked Banner 2 yet, you can do that by completing Act 6 of Hollow Dimension on any difficulty.

  • Banner 1: 0.5% Mythic Unit drop chance
  • Banner 2: 1% Mythic Unit drop chance

The pity for mythic units is 100 summons in Banner 2 and 250 summons in Banner 1.

Illusionist Stats in ALS

Itachi can be upgraded 6 times, and his damage changes quite a lot from when he is just starting to when he reaches the max level. Here are some quick stats for him:

  • Level 1
    • Upon Deploying
      • Deployment Cost: 1000 Money
      • Damage dealt: 2220 with 5994 flame damage.
    • Upgrade 6
      • Upgrade Cost: 15000 Money
      • Damage dealt: 12200 with 32940 flame damage.
  • Level 75
    • Upon Deploying
      • Deployment Cost: 1000 Money
      • Damage dealt: 7104 with 19180 flame damage.
    • Upgrade 6
      • Upgrade Cost: 15000 Money
      • Damage dealt: 39040 with 105408 flame damage.

That is all about how to get Itachi in Anime Last Stand. While you are here, also check our other guides on how to get Angel and how to evolve Flash.