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How To Get Purple & White Onion In Pikmin 4

Unlock the Purple & White Onion and increase the population of the following Pikmin.

The method to unlock the Purple & White Onion in Pikmin 4 is quite similar. So it’s recommended to unlock both of them back to back. However, the process can get quite long if you haven’t completed its prerequisite. Once you get a hold of both of the Onions, you can easily increase the population of the Purple Pikmin & White Pikmin. For those who are unaware, the Purple Pikmin is the strongest of all creatures. Whereas the White ones are pretty quick and are immune to poison attacks. So let’s see how you can find the following Onions to get these two uncommon Pikmin in the game.

How to Unlock Purple & White Onion in Pikmin 4

How to Unlock Purple & White Onion in Pikmin 4 locations requirements
Source Image: MonkeyKingHero

The Purple & White Onion can be unlocked by progressing through the Trial of the Sage Leaf cave located in the Rescue Command post in Pikmin 4. In there, the White one is obtained by completing the 5th Story: The White Key Dandori mission. And the Purple Onion is received by finishing the Final Story: The Purple Key Dandori mission. Both of them are quite tricky puzzles, but we assume that you will be pretty familiar with them once you reach this point. If you haven’t unlocked the Trial of the Sage Leaf missions cave, then there are some prerequisites you’ll be required to do, such as.

  • Unlocking Captain Olimar at the Ship Base by finishing the 4th area, Hero’s Hideaway.
  • Completing Olimar’s Shipwrecked Tale, consist of collecting 30 Ship Parts in a period of 15 days.

If you’ve already done with these requirements, then you can simply head into the Trial of the Sage Leaf cave and start the missions. And once you’re done with the abovementioned missions, you’ll get the Onions you’re looking for automatically.

That covers everything you need to know about how you can unlock Purple & White Onion in Pikmin 4 easily. This mission might need some Rock Pikmin, so check out how you can unlock it. Also, take a look at the steps to unlock the Primordial Thicket in Pikmin 4.