How To Get Adopt Me Pudding Pup Pet

Want to get the adorable Christmas Pudding Pup Pet in Adopt Me? Here is how you can obtain it.

The Winter Festival of Adopt Me has brought many surprises for the players, from a new area of Winter Village to minigames and even an Advent Calendar. One of the most adorable rewards of this time-limited event is a Pudding Pup Pet. Unlike the other Christmas pets, you cannot purchase it with the Gingerbread or Robux; it has to be caught using a special kind of bait. Now you might be wondering what that bait is, and how do I get it? No need to worry, as here you will find answers to all these questions.

How to Get a Christmas Pudding Pup Pet in Adopt Me

Christmas Pudding Pup Pet in Adopt Me

The bait you need for catching the Pudding Pup is called Christmas Pudding Pup Bait. It is a reward for opening 20 out of the 25 Advent Calendar doors. You will find these doors in the Winter Fest Village.

  • To go there, simply tap on the Winter Fest board from the left corner. This will open the Task Board.
  • Next, press the Winter Fest Teleport button.
  • As soon as you enter the village, you will see a big structure with multiple doors.
  • On the right side of that building is a big elf statue holding a timer board. Interact with it, and it will take you to the door.
  • Press E to open the door and collect its rewards. Every day you can open one door, so do this for twenty days and get the bait.

How to Use Christmas Pudding Pup Bait

To use any bait in Adopt Me you need a Box Lure or Cozy Home Lure. Box Lure is purchased from the furniture catalog for 750 bucks, and Cozy Home Lure for 1,200 Robux. Once you have placed the bait in it, it will take about 25 minutes for the pet to get trapped.

That’s all you have to do obtain the bait and use it to get a Christmas Pudding Pup Pet. Since you are playing Adopt Me, you should check out our guide on ways to make Gingerbread faster.