Fastest Ways To Get Gingerbread In Adopt Me Winter Event 2023

Here are some of the fastest ways you can earn Gingerbread in Adopt Me and use it during the Winter Event 2023.

If you have hopped on the Arctic Express and made your way to the Winter Village, you will notice all the new content Adopt Me Winter Festival 2023 has in store. With so many new features, we have received a new in-game currency, Gingerbread. This currency will be used to purchase all winter and Christmas-themed items this event has to offer.

If you are looking to adopt some adorable new pets like Nutcracker Squirrel, the Arctic Hare, and many other toys and accessories, you will need to know how you can quickly earn this event currency. If you need help with this, here is a guide you can follow and kick start your winter shopping.

How to Earn Gingerbread in Adopt Me Winter Festival 2023

Fastest Ways To Get Gingerbread In Adopt Me Winter Event 2023
Source – Roblox

Collect Advent Calendar items

Although it is quite easy to forget about the winter Advent Calendar, making sure you open one everyday will be very beneficial. You will be able to collect toys, pets, accessories, and even free Gingerbread from these boxes.

Visit Billy’s Shop

In order to convert your Bucks into Gingerbread, you can talk to Billy, who has his shop set up in the Winter Village. He will be willing to give you 70,000 Gingerbread for 3,500 Bucks. However, you will only be able to take advantage of this offer once.

Talk to Speedy the Penguin

Once you are at the Winter Village, go over to Speedy the Penguin and interact with him to start Ice Skating. Although this feels like a Christmas activity, you can collect a lot of Gingerbread figures by skating around the frozen lake. Since each Gingerbread figure you collect will be worth 12 Gingerbread currency, you can easily earn a lot of money after completing one round of the rink.

Keep in mind that you can do this activity once every day, this means if you have already completed this activity, you can wait for it to become daytime in Adopt Me and Ice Skate again.

Take part in all the Minigames

Pet Rescue

The first minigame that can help you earn this currency is called the Pet Rescue. During this game, you will be randomly assigned into two groups, Team Sabertooth or Team Mammoth. Both teams have to try and free their pet by breaking the block of ice around them. The first team that is successful in defrosting their pet wins the round and earns 3,200 Gingerbread. However, even if you lose, you will earn 2,800 Gingerbread.

Frostclaw’s Fury

How to Earn Gingerbread in Adopt Me Frostclaw's Fury
Source – Roblox

Another way of earning this special event currency is by taking part in the Frostclaw’s Fury minigame. During this game, you will have to follow an extensive storyline and try to survive as you progress through this game. Even though you will earn Gingerbread and a few other items through this activity, players usually skip it as it is time-consuming.

Santa’s Workshop

During this minigame, all players will once again be split into two different groups. Both teams will have 90 seconds to pick up items like Snowman Plushies, Figgy Pudding Chew Toys, Strawberry Kitty Throw Toys, etc.

You and your team will have to collect all these items and place them into the piles they belong to. You can carry 5 toys at a time, as long as they are of the same kind, and add them to their section. Once this activity is completed, the winning team will earn 3,250 Gingerbread and the losing team will earn 1,250+ Gingerbread.

This is everything you need to know in order to stock up on the special winter currency Gingerbread. If you are excited to explore all the new features that will be added to this Winter Event 2023, keep browsing through our Adopt Me section as we will be adding more helpful guides regularly, right here on Gamer Tweak.