How To Get Oven Mitts In Monopoly GO Thanksgiving Partners Event

Now that the Thanksgiving Partners Event is live in Monopoly GO, players should consider getting as many Oven Mitts as they can. These are the special spin tokens that you will need to progress further in the event. Players have been waiting for the next partner event and now that it is out, players can truly enjoy building attractions with their partners.

Since they are one of the most important part of the Thanksgiving Partners Event, players will have to collect these spin tokens quickly. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to collect them and there are more than one ways to do so. So if you have the time to spend in Monopoly GO, you will pretty much rack up a good number that will help you and your partner in this event.

How to Get Oven Mitts in Monopoly GO

Oven Mitts In Monopoly GO Thanksgiving Partners Event
Image Source: Monopoly GO

There are a few easy ways to get Oven Mitts in Monopoly GO:

  • For starters, the best way to get Oven Mitts is by landing on the spaces reserved with oven glove icons Monopoly GO board. If you use a Dice Multiplier, you can collect numerous spin tokens while moving around the board.
  • Next is by taking part in events and tournaments that go on almost daily like the Blessed Feast event. There are numerous tokens for you to collect here.
  • Apart from that, players can look to collect the spin tokens via the Quick Wins tab. These are daily objectives that players can complete easily.
Monopoly GO Thanksgiving Partners Event Oven Mitts farm
Image Source: Monopoly GO

Of these, tournaments and events reward you most handsomely with the spin tokens. Players can earn a high amount of Oven Mitts by simply competing in tournaments daily.

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