All Thanksgiving Partners Event Rewards In Monopoly GO

For the longest times, players have been waiting for the next partners event in Monopoly GO and the devs have delivered. The Thanksgiving Partners Event is the latest one to hit Monopoly GO and players can enjoy and reap the rewards till 26th November. The game has been following the Thanksgiving theme since the past few days with most daily tournaments shaped that way.

The event will last for five days so you and your partner will have the opportunity to build the best attraction and collect the highest points possible. Having said that, the attraction will be in the form of Thanksgiving Dishes to represent the entire theme of the event.

All Rewards for Thanksgiving Partners Event in Monopoly GO

How to Score Points in Thanksgiving Partners Event
Image Source: Monopoly GO

Here are all rewards for the Thanksgiving Partners Event in Monopoly GO:

  • 2,500 Points – 200 Free Rolls
  • 5,000 Points – Cash
  • 12,500 Points – 300 Free Rolls and a Pink Sticker Pack
  • 25,000 Points – 400 Free Rolls and a Blue Sticker Pack
  • 35,000 Points – 500 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

Once players complete all four attractions, they will get 5,000 rolls, a Galaxy Sticker Pack, and the limited Pumpkin Pie Player Token.

How to Score Points in Thanksgiving Partners Event

All Thanksgiving Partners Event Rewards In Monopoly GO
Image Source: Monopoly GO

There are four attractions in the Thanksgiving Partners Event and players will have to build each of them to get maximum points on the board. Players and their partners will have to spin a wheel for each attraction and if they are using their Multipliers, the points that they earn will increase. The best way to score points in the event is with the Multiplier since it ups the ante of points that you earn normally.

Players can earn spin tokens, Oven Mitts, and points to be eligible to spin the wheel. These points can be earned via other events and tournaments and they can be used to get more rewards in this partner event.

Can you Change Partners in Partner Event?

No, sadly you have to play and contribute with the same partner for the entirety of the event. So in order to get the best out of the event, both of you have to work and contribute equally to have a chance of getting rewarded. Make sure you when you accept a partner request that they are active players who will help you during the tournament.

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