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How To Get Out Of A Well In Zelda TOTK

Stuck in the dark depths of a Well? Here is our guide on how you can get out of a Well and complete some related quests in Tears Of The Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom lets players explore the majestic Sky Islands but also the dark and gloomy depths of Hyrule. Across their campaigns, players will find ways to enter these depths and explore what lies beneath. One such way Link can explore the depths is by going down a Well. Here is a guide on how to can get out of a Well in Zelda TOTK and complete some of the side quests as well.

How to Get Out of a Well in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Zelda TOTK how to get out of well

There are 58 wells spread out all across the Great Hyrule Kingdom. Each well consists of valuable items and chests that would help Link in his journey forward. Before diving into these wells it is recommended to have some Brightbloom seeds or some type of armor to light up the depths. Now that you are done exploring the well here is how you can get out of it

Using Ladders

Some wells in TOTK have ladders lying around the entry point so that players can use them to get out of the well. Players can simply use their Ultrahand ability and press A to pick up the ladder and lean it against the wall. This would help players get out of the well. Inside some wells, Link would have to makeshift a ladder if parts are lying around.

Using the Ascend ability

Once you unlock the Ascend ability in-game it lets you climb up surfaces without wasting your stamina. You can use this ability to get out of wells. To use the ability follow these steps:

  • Select it by holding the L button
  • This will then rotate your pov toward the ceiling
  • Here if the circle in front of you turns green this means you can use the ability to ascend yourself to the surface.

Side quests like ‘Where Are The Wells’ and ‘Fell In The Well’ can help Link gain some Rupees in exchange for completing them.

How to Clear ‘Where Are The Wells’ and ‘Fell In The Well’ in TOTK

‘Where Are The Wells’ Quest

where are the wells tears of the kingdom

Completing this quest will require you to find Tera in one of the stable wells. As a Well Enthusiast, she will hand you the objective of finding every well in Hyrule. For every well you find she will give you 10 Rupees and there are 58 of them lying around the kingdom. You can find her in Lookout Landing to let her know about the Wells you find.

‘Fell In The Well’ Quest

fell in the well totk
Image source Game Guides Channel from YouTube

To complete this quest head towards the Rebonae Bridge Well in TOTK. There will be a smoke coming out of the well, you can find a man named Dillie stuck inside the well by diving in it. After which you can follow these steps to help him out

  • Talk to him he will let you know about half of the ladder lying on the ground
  • Use your Ultrahand ability to join the part to the other half on the wall
  • After which you can let Dillie know about the fixed ladder
  • He will then reward you with a Purple Rupee( equal to 50 Rupees)

That is everything on how you can get out of a well along with some side quests in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK). Here is our guide if you want to upgrade your Armor in TOTK.