How To Get Mystic Spearhand In Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Unlock Vocation)

Looking for a Vocation that has you covered with both melee and ranged attacks in DD2? You should unlock the Mystic Spearhand.

Out of all the different Vocations in the game, Mystic Spearhand is one that you can get quite early on in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This is a class available only for the Arisen, that lets them use both melee and magick attacks. This gives players a lot of flexibility for their playstyle on whether they want to take their fights up-close or from a rather safer distance. So below are the steps for how you can unlock it:

How to Unlock Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How To Unlock Mystic Spearhand In Dragons Dogma 2
Image Credits: Game With Dave on YouTube. Talk to Sigurd to get Mystic Spearhand in DD2.

There are two main prerequisites for being able to get this class, the first is you have to discover the Melve Village, and the other is you complete the quest Monster Culling. This is the sixth main quest in the game.

  1. After completing the Monster Culling quest, go back to Vernworth or camp anywhere outside Melve.
  2. Rest for a few days. You can sleep inside the Inn or you can camping works as well.
  3. Go back to the Melve Village.
  4. Now, you will find a dragon attacking the village.
  5. Go and start fighting the dragon.
  6. The goal is to make it leave the village, you simply have to deal enough damage to it and stay alive. As other NPCs will also be fighting it shouldn’t be much of a problem.
  7. After the dragon flies away, look for an NPC that has a dual spear and is wearing a hood.
  8. Talk to him and you will find he is Sigurd.
  9. Finally, choose “Ask about his manner of fighting”
  10. After the dialogue concludes you will unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation.

Do note that you need to also complete at least 1 main quest before you can try this otherwise even if you do end up finding the Village the Dragon won’t appear and you won’t be able to get this class. So natural progression would be the best way to go.

Pro tip – You can go to the village’s tower and use the Ballista to kill the dragon. This will unlock a special weapon that will be useful for this Vocation.

That is all for how you can get the Mystic Spearhand in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you find that this wasn’t the class for you then you can check out our best Vocations tier list. Alternatively, you can always delete your save and start over.