How To Get The Muramasa Sword In King Legacy

The Muramasa Sword is one of the quickest blades in King Legacy. Here’s how you can get it.

To become the best pirate across all the Seas in King Legacy, you must have the sharpest blades of them all. As we are speaking of it, the Muramasa Sword is the only blade that comes to my mind. Currently, this sword is being held by an NPC called King Samurai. However, if you truly want it, you can get it by defeating him in a battle. There’s much more to explain about the loose ends and that’s why we have made this guide. Refer to it and learn how you can get your hands on the Muramasa Sword in King Legacy.

How to Get Muramasa in Roblox King Legacy

defeat king samurai to get Muramasa Sword in King Legacy
King Samurai’s Castle in Floresco Town. Image Credits to NeedForGaming

As I said, Muramasa in King Legacy can be obtained after defeating King Samurai. You can find him in his castle in Floresco, Second Sea. King Samurai’s castle is on top of a rock formation that has an adjoining waterfall. One thing that you must know about the Samurai is that he spawns every hour and despawns after an hour. So make sure to be on time.

defeat King Samurai to get Muramasa Sword in King Legacy

King Samurai wields 2 swords, including a Hell Sword and a Muramasa Sword. If you defeat him, there’s a 50% chance you will get a Hell Sword from him. On the other hand, there’s a 15% chance of him dropping a Muramasa Sword after being defeated. King Samurai fights in two phases wherein, he uses Hell Sword in the first phase. When you defeat him in this phase, he revives himself and uses the Muramasa Sword in the second phase. To survive both of these phases, you should max out the level cap.

Defeating this enemy for Muramasa Sword in King Legacy is a tough job. So your best bet to take him down is by bringing along an ally. Otherwise, his quick strikes will leave you unconscious on the floor.

Now that you know how to get Muramasa, be sure to obtain it right away. If you want to try other weapons like Ethereal Sword or Demon Trident then we have guides for you. Be sure to check them out on our website.