How To Get Demon Trident In King Legacy

Looking for the mysterious weapon Demon Trident in King Legacy? Here is everything you need to know about this sword.

King Legacy has a plethora of weapons you can select from, although getting the Demon Trident can be helpful during combat. This Roblox game has quickly gained popularity and is well-known, especially among One Piece fans. You can try to become the strongest player in the game by partaking in quests, getting weapons, fruits, and accessories, and going against tough bosses to level up faster.

With so many in-game resources to unlock, it can get complicated if you need to find out more about one specific item. In this guide, we will give you the steps you can use to get this unique sword.

How to Unlock Demon Trident

How To Get Demon Trident In King Legacy
Source – Madmed707 on YouTube

To get this weapon, you will need to go to the First Sea. Now, you will have to travel to the Fishman Island. Once you enter the island, look for the pink and green colored house and enter it. Here you will come across the Seasoned Fishman boss. Make sure you are well equipped before you can start the battle as he is a Level 2200 boss.

In order to get this weapon you will have to defeat him. The drop rate for this sword is 5% so your chances of getting it are relatively low. You might mostly have to defeat him two to three times to get this item.

Demon Trident Moves in King Legacy

After defeating the Seasoned Fishman boss and getting this sword you will be able to unlock two moves:

  • Swirling Sea
  • Beckon Of Shark

This is everything you need to know about getting the Demon Trident in King Legacy. If you are interested in this game, you can also check out, how to get Haki Color and how to get more Sky Jumps, and about other Roblox games, right here on Gamer Tweak.