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King Legacy: How To Get More Sky Jumps

Here's how you can get more Sky jumps in King Legacy.

Sky Jumps, also known as Geppo, is an essential ability in King Legacy. Jumping two or more times in the air is crucial as it can help players to dodge incoming attacks or even to escape from stronger enemies. However, many players find difficulty in jumping even twice in the air. To help you out, here’s how to get more sky jumps in King Legacy.


How to Get More Sky Jumps in King Legacy?

Get More Sky Jumps in Roblox King Legacy

  • Reach level 500 to get two jumps.
  • With every 500-level milestone, you get an extra sky jump ability.
  • Hence, to have at least two sky jumps, you must reach level 500.
  • You can achieve it by raiding and completing quests, and PVP helps you to increase your level.
  • The more you increase your Exp faster will level you will get.
  • After level 3500, you unlock the 8th Sky Jump, which is the maximum you can have in the game.

Uses of Jumps

  • Sky Jumps or Geppo helps in Dodging enemy attacks in the game.
  • Hence, dodging lethal fruit moves such that of Quake moves becomes easy as they are mostly ground attacks.
  • They help you to reach Sky island easily as you require a minimum of 4 Jumps if you don’t have Soru.
  • The combo of Sky Jumps and Dash can be used as a flying skill to an extent.
  • It is also used to dodge damage from water in case the player has no boat or fruit with flying ability.
  • A better option when you don’t have any teleportation or Flying abilities.

Players need to increase their Meele stats up to 500 to receive an extra Sky Jump in the previous update. This was troublesome for the players who were focusing on their other mains. Hence, the latest update changed this feature. Now the players no longer need to worry about increasing their Meele stats just for Sky Jump.

That’s all you need to know about how to get more Sky Jumps in King Legacy. Also, check out our guide on how to get all Haki Abilities in King Legacy.