How To Get The Ethereal Sword In King Legacy

King Legacy has a bunch of useful items that players need to look for. The Ethereal Sword is one of them and although it is difficult to get if you don’t know what to do, the steps covered in this guide will be all you will need.

King Legacy is another one of the Roblox games that is inspired by the anime and manga series One Piece. With a plethora of items available for collection, players will have a tough time finding one of the swords, the Ethereal Sword. If you are looking for the Ethereal Sword in King Legacy, you will have to first reach the third sea. Since drops in this Roblox game are random and the drop percentage is often low, you might have to be there for a while.

While you only have to beat an enemy, the drop rates are quite concerning for players. Also, the Blood Moon should be above you while you try to complete this mission or you won’t be getting the drop. Nevertheless, if you want to farm this Legendary item, this guide has covered everything you will need to do.

How to Farm the Ethereal Sword in King Legacy

King Legacy Ethereal Sword Farming Guide
Image via LuckyGam3r (YT)

To get the Ethereal Sword in King Legacy, you will have to wait for three nights in the third sea for a Blood Moon to appear. Or, you can even join a server where the Blood Moon is up already and then look for the Bushido Ape. The Bushido Ape should be spawned and once you beat it, you might be able to get the item as a drop.

The drop rate is around 1-5% and if players are lucky, they can get it in one go. As long as the Blood Moon is up, you can try defeating the boss as many times as possible. Since there are other players who are going to be looking for the Ethereal Sword, you might have more on your plate than you asked for. However, that is the only way for players to get their hands on this Legendary weapon and they will have to do everything possible.

Hopefully, this guide helps you land the Ethereal Sword in King Legacy. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our guides to get All King Legacy Passives, EXP Crown, Titles, and more such guides in our dedicated Roblox section here at Gamer Tweak.