How to Get All King Legacy Passives

Here’s how you can unlock Passives and gain permanent buffs in King Legacy.

Passives in King Legacy are buffs that stay active all the time. They can be anything like an increased drop rate or reduced cooldown period. Unlocking Passives is a must for someone who wants to be the best Pirate across all the Islands. After the update v6, there are multiple ways you can get Passives. In this guide, we are going to explain all that to you.

How to Unlock Passives in King Legacy

To unlock Passives in King Legacy, you will need a Fate Book. As of now, here are all the ways through which you can obtain this Book and, eventually, Passives:

  • Passive Tree
  • Craft Fate Book

Passive Tree

The update v6 of this Roblox Experience has introduced a Passive Tree that randomly spawns anywhere on the map. But to narrow down your search, you should look for it on the Third Sea Island. One more thing: a Passive Tree only spawns at night. Once it is morning, the tree will disappear and spawn back the following night in a different location. Also, a Passive Tree disappears if you or someone else interacts with it.

unlock passives from passive tree in King Legacy
A Passive Tree

Anyways, interact with a Passive Tree and take Blessings from it. Doing so will add a Passive section in the Stats Menu. Aside from this, you will also receive a free Fate Book from the tree. You can use it to earn Passives in King Legacy by using these steps:

  • After taking Blessings from the Passive Tree, go to Stats and click on the “+” button.
  • Next, select the Reroll button and click on the newly unlocked Fate Book.
  • Confirm, and you will earn some Passives.

Craft Fate Book

crafting a fate book to get Passives in King Legacy

If you are having trouble locating a Passive Tree, you can craft a Fate Book yourself. To do this, you must go to an NPC known as the Mystic Bookkeeper in Shallow Island, Third Sea. You can interact with the Mystic Bookkeeper and craft a Fate Book. In addition to the Fate Book, you can craft others like the Essence Book, Fortune Tales, and Chronicles Lore. These Books have better Passives for you, so you can craft them, too.

Note: Passives have different levels, starting from I to V, where V is the highest level they can be upgraded to.

That’s how you can unlock Passives in King Legacy. If you crave more power, then I suggest you unlock Haki Abilities. It can strengthen your persona and arsenal to a whole new level.