How To Get More Skill Points In Starfield

Wondering how to get more skill points in Starfield? They are essential for customizing and progressing your character.

In the massive world of Starfield, skill points are important for customizing and progressing your character. Each level-up grants skill points that can be invested to unlock new abilities and augment existing skills. However, skill points are limited, and you’ll want to maximize the number you acquire. We’ll provide some tips and strategies for how to get more skill points in Starfield.

Best Ways to Earn Skill Points in Starfield

Starfield Skills And Powers Guide

Getting skill points is essential in Starfield to unlock and upgrade your character’s abilities. With over 30 different skills to invest in, you’ll want as many skill points as possible. Here are some effective methods to earn experience and level up faster.

Importance of Main and Side Quests

Focus on completing main and side quests. Main quests award XP for completion. Mix in side quests from cities and settlements for steady XP as you progress the story. Keep an eye on Mission Boards, as their radiant quests provide reliable XP rewards.

Go to Wild Planets

For combat XP, seek out planets populated by dangerous wildlife. Set the difficulty to Very Easy first—you’ll earn the same XP without the challenge. Alien creatures on high-level planets can then be easily farmed. Scan all planets you visit since surveying them awards a small amount of XP each time.

Sleep Regularly

Sleeping to gain the Well-Rested buff gives a passive boost to all XP gained for an in-game day. Drink Aid items before missions and combat to boost XP gains further. Make sure always to have Well-Rested and consumables active when taking on challenges.

Board Enemy Ships

You can board enemy ships in space conflicts instead of destroying them outright. Slay all hostiles onboard for significant XP, and loot the ship for Credits after. Make sure to sell any planetary surveys and loot for additional Credits to spend on skill upgrades.

These are all some of the best ways to get more skill points in Starfield. You can check out our Best Skills Tier List to know about that. For more such informative guides, be sure to take a look at our Starfield Wiki right here at Gamer Tweak.

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