Two Point Campus: How To Get More Kudosh

Here is how you can earn more Kudosh faster in Two Point Campus.

Knowing how to get more Kudosh Points in Two Point Campus can help you out a lot. These Points allow you to unlock items in the game which you can then buy using your regular currency. These items also have the ability to give you boosts that can increase attractiveness, happiness, or more. So it is easy to go on a shopping spree for these items. And that is where the need for more of these points arises. So in this guide let us check how to earn more Kudosh fast in Two Point Campus.

How to Get More Kudosh in Two Point Campus

earn more kudosh points in two point campus

These are all the ways that let you earn more Kudosh in this game.

  • Complete Career Goals:
    • Click on the Career Goals button on the top right corner of the screen. Here you can see Careers Goals like:
      • Knight School
      • Wizardry
      • Dark Art
      • Archaeology
      • Robotics
    • These were just a few examples, many of these goals change and become tougher after you claim them. But they give you more Kudosh when you complete them again.
    • Make sure you regularly check and claim them. While they do get completed as you keep playing, they don’t automatically get claimed. So make sure you check them from time to time and claim them to get Kudosh points.
  • Get 3 Star Rating on each level:
    • Every new level you unlock gives you certain objectives to complete. There are three sets of objectives for each level that grant you 1, 2, and 3 stars. Complete them all to get a large number of Kudosh points.

While the above two ways are one-time methods, below are some ways that you can use repeatedly to get small amounts of Kudosh regularly.

  • Completing Objectives: You can check if any objectives are available. These are simple tasks like passing inspection challenges, suggestion boxes, or more. Check if any of these are available. If they are, complete them and you can get small amounts of Kudosh points from them.
  • Clicking on Bookworms: Many times a few bookworms can spawn randomly on campuses. You just have to click on them. And just for doing that you can get a few Kudosh. Although this is not a guaranteed drop.
  • Researching Projects: When you set up your Research lab, you can research projects here. These projects at times have a chance to give you small amounts of Kudosh Points. You can check the project before starting its research to see whether you get any Kudosh from it or not.
  • Get End of year awards: End of the Year awards host many categories like Campus of the Year, Rising Staff, and more. And you have a chance to get Kudosh when you win any such awards.

That covers this guide on all the ways you can earn Kudosh points fast in Two Point Campus. You should check out our other guides on how to unlock sandbox mode, train staff, and increase student grades for this game.