How To Unlock And Craft Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

Want to unlock and craft the Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite? Here is everything you need to know to get this device.

In LEGO Fortnite, crafting a Metal Smelter will be very beneficial, as you will be able to melt down various metals and use them to create metal bars. Similarly, this device plays a very important role during the Copper Bar crafting process.

Even though this item seems highly important, players will only be able to access it after they have fulfilled certain requirements. If you need help getting this helpful tool to complete all your crafting needs, we have prepared this detailed article that will guide you through this extensive process.

How to Get Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

How To Get Metal Smelter In LEGO Fortnite

In order to craft the Metal Smelter you will first have to unlock its recipe. To do this, your village must reach Level 9. This level can be achieved by increasing your village rating and collecting the following resources –

Once you have fulfilled these requirements and upgraded your village, you will be able to unlock the recipe for the Metal Smelter.

How to Craft Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

How To Craft Metal Smelter In LEGO Fortnite
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Even though the crafting recipe for this tool is pretty straightforward, gathering all the resources is a huge task. Once you open your Utility Station builds, you will get a list of all these ingredients for the Metal Smelter –

  • 15 Brightcore
  • 35 Obsidian Slab
  • 3 Blast Core

We will mention how you can obtain each of these items and where you can find them so that you can plan a strategy and carry out this process smoothly.

  • Brightcore – To get this resource you will have to travel to the desert biome and harvest this resource from the Dry Valley caves. Once you enter the cave, look for orange-colored ores. However, even after you spot it, to harvest this resource, you will require a Rare Pickaxe.
  • Obsidian Slab – Before you can craft these Slabs, you will first have to get Obsidian. Luckily, you will find this item in the Dry Valley caves itself and to harvest it, you will need a Rare Pickaxe. Locating this mineral is easy as they will mostly be purple in color. Once you have collected it, take it back to your village use the Obsidian Slab recipe from the Stone Breaker, and craft this item.
  • Blast Core – Although this resource can also be found in the Dry Valley caves, the medium of harvesting them is different. You will have to get through Blasters and defeat them to collect this item. Make sure that you also maintain your distance while attacking them as when they are defeated, they will explode, destroying everything around them. However, once they disappear you will be able to grab the Blast Core they have dropped.

We would like to mention that since the entire harvesting task takes place inside the Dry Valley caves of the desert biome, you will have to deal with the high temperatures. Therefore, don’t forget to equip Snowberries before you get to this biome as it will help you moderate your heat levels. Additionally, you will also require a Torch as it gets very dark inside these caves and you need to locate several items.

Once you have used all these steps and gathered these resources, you can use the recipe from the Utility Station and build the Metal Smelter.

This is everything you need to know if you need to unlock and craft a Metal Smelter. Once you have created this tool, you can learn to craft Iron Bars as well. If this is your current favorite game mode, make sure to check out all our recent Fortnite guides, available here on Gamer Tweak.