Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Mechanical Parts

Wondering how you can get Mechanical Parts in Dreamlight Valley? Here is everything you need to know.

With all the new content added to Dreamlight Valley because of the A Rift in Time expansion, players have had their hands full trying to complete quests and have been collecting resources to craft various items. Similarly, during the quest for EVE, you will have to get Mechanical Parts. Although this quest directs the player to use the Royal Hourglass to get this refined material, the actual method of getting this item is completely different.

If you have been using this device all over Eternity Isle, searching for this item, refer to the following guide and understand how you can easily get this material and use it while crafting other important recipes.

How to Get Mechanical Parts in Dreamlight Valley

How To Get Mechanical Parts In Dreamlight Valley
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Unfortunately, you will not be able to get this item using the Royal Hourglass. To get Mechanical Parts you will have to craft it at the Crafting Station. Once you go to your Crafting Station and see your recipes, you will notice there will be a Mechanical Parts recipe and it will be locked. In order to start crafting this item, you will first need to get Brass Ingot and Bronze Ingot.

Here is how you can craft both of these resources and get Mechanical Parts:

  • 1 Brass Ingot – 3 Copper, 2 Zinc, and 1 Coal Ore.
  • 1 Bronze Ingot – 4 Copper, 1 Tin, and 1 Coal Ore.

Once you have completed this process, you can go ahead and start crafting Mechanical Parts. You can find this item’s recipe under the ‘Refined Materials’ section at the Crafting Station. You will need 1 Brass Ingot and 1 Bronze Ingot to create this item.

How to Use Mechanical Parts

Once you have crafted this recipe, it will help you complete several other quests. It is also used as an ingredient while making the Ancient Fence Base. Lastly, it can also be sold for 275 Star Coins.

This is everything you need to know to get Mechanical Parts is Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. If you are interested in this game and are currently exploring the new A Rift in Time expansion, make sure to check out how you can get Oasis Glass and the Dunebopper in DDV, right here on Gamer Tweak.