How To Get Oasis Glass In Disney Dreamlight Valley (Locations)

Stuck in the quest as you can’t find the Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here is how to get it.

Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the crafting materials needed for some Eternity Isle quests and upgrades. If you are looking for it, you might have already reached the Village Project: Timeless Trash, one of the Merlin’s quests that requires it. The game will offer the location for this material, but it is still pretty tricky for players to obtain it. No need to worry, as we will give both the methods and places to farm this material in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Oasis Glass Locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Oasis Glass Locations
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The Oasis Glass is found in the Glittering Dunes biome of the Eternity Isle. The places include:

  • The Plains
  • The Wastes
  • The Oasis
  • The Borderlands

How to Farm Oasis Glass

There are two ways to get it in the game. The first method is to dig around these areas with Royal Shovel. The second way is to use the Royal Pickaxe which has been upgraded using Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion.

Upgrading the Pickaxe with the potion is also one of the tasks of the Timeless Trash, so you should first dig sand and collect the 10 Oasis Glass. Take them to the Timebending Table and access the Special section. There you will find the upgrade, use the Oasis Glass, and enhance the Pickaxe.

Once you have upgraded it, go anywhere in the Glittering Dunes and break the Small Stalagmite you can find. Collect 20 Oasis Glass from those and use the Timebending Table to upgrade the tool further. This time you will be able to even break Large Stalagmite with it. It would be best to collect more than the required amount, as you’ll need it in the future too.

Hopefully, this helped you find and get the Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If it did, you should check out the other topics we have covered through our Disney Dreamlight Valley section. How to get Dunebopper would be useful to you after the Village Project quests.