How To Get Dunebopper In Disney Dreamlight Valley (Location)

Need Dunebopper in Disney Dreamlight Valley for one friendship quest? This fishing guide will help you catch it.

A Rift in Time expansion offers an intriguing storyline, new locations, tools, and characters like Rapunzel, Gaston, and EVE. While looking out for the wicked Jafar you have to fix the rifts of time, and for that, you will need to finish some quests. One such friendship quest “The Ones That Got Away” requires you to acquire the rare and strange-looking fish Dunebopper in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Finding and catching this fish can be challenging, but with our guide, you’ll get it in no time.

The Dunebopper is not just required for the quest, you can even sell it for the Coins or use it as an ingredient. Additionally, it is part of the Eternity Isle Fish Collection.

Where to Find and How to Get Dunebopper in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Dunebopper in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image Credit: Bek on YouTube

The Dunebopper is found in “The Oasis” area of the Glittering Dunes biome located on the west side of Eternity Isle. The path to The Oasis is in The Plains, which you access by completing The Sands in the Hourglass quest. If you have unlocked it, then collect 6000 Mist to clear the route for The Oasis.

This sub-biome only has one waterfall, where Dunebopper appears. You need to wait and cast the line in the blue ripples to catch it. The fish is rather slippery, so it might take some attempt for you to catch it. Since blue ripples don’t appear much, you can practice and catch other fish from the white ripple in the meantime. This will help you find other fishes from the Eternity Isle Fish Collection.

To increase the chance of catching better fishes like Dunebopper use Miracle Fishing Bait. You can craft the bait using 10 Vitalys Crystals, 5 Red Algae, and 100 Dreamlight. Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait will be better, but it requires 25 Vitalys Crystals, 12 Red Algae, and 250 Dreamlight.

That’s all about how to find and catch the Dunebopper in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If this guide was helpful, and you are looking for Miraculous Enchantment or fishes like Lancetfish, then check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley section.