King Oyster Locations In Sons Of The Forest: Where To Find

Struggling to find the King Oyster Mushroom in Sons of the Forest? Don't worry here are the location details.

In Sons of the Forest, you should keep King Oyster and other consumable food close. That’s because here finding a proper food supply is also a challenging task. Apart from the deadly mutants, hunger can also become a reason for your death. However, don’t worry the island is filled with edible fruits, and mushrooms that can surely come in handy. If you are already on the hunt to find the King Oyster, then we are here to help. Below we have mentioned all locations and other details of this mushroom.

How to Find King Oyster Mushroom in Sons of the Forest?

How To Find King Oyster In Sons Of The Forest (Locations Guide)
Source Image: Map Genie

In Sons of the Forest, the King Oyster Mushroom is scattered over the West to the Southwest region of the island. For a better understanding take a look at the marking on the map mentioned above and you’ll be good to go. After you reach the spots marked on the map simply keep an eye on the ground. Or else you might easily overlook the mushrooms, as they are hidden between bushes. Players can easily identify the King Oyster by its yellowish stem and brown cap.

Where to Find King Oyster in Sons of the Forest
Source Image: ZaFrostPet

As mentioned earlier, this mushroom is safe to eat that can satisfy 10% of hunger and also allow you to regain 1% of health. On the other hand, players can even harvest it at their base for a proper food supply. However, you cannot stack more than 20 King Oysters in your inventory. With that said, now you know where you have to look. But also note, the spawn rate of such edible items is pretty uncertain. So there’s a possibility of returning to the base empty-handed.

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That covers all you have to know about the locations to find King Oyster Mushroom in Sons of the Forest. If you are looking for more edible items then check out how to find Guarana Berries & Blueberries in the game. For more such tips & tricks check out other SOTF guides.