How To Find Guarana Berries In Sons Of The Forest (Location)

Let's take a look at where you can find those Guarana Berries and their seeds in the wild in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is the latest survival/horror type game where you are going to need resources like Guarana Berries in order to survive. After the initial crash in the game, you are left with barely anything to live off of. That’s why you are going to need edible food and other resources to survive. One such resource is the Guarana Berry. Let’s take a look at the location where you can find it in Sons of the Forest.

All Locations to Find Guarana Berries in Sons of the Forest

guarana berries location map sons of the forest

Guarana Berries can only grow in the southern parts of the map in Sons of the Forest. They are big plants but the berries are sort of hidden among their leaves. You might just miss it and think it’s just a bunch of leaves. Refer to the image above to find the exact location of all Guarana Berries in Sons of the Forest.

Guarana Berries are good to have as food to satisfy your hunger. If you are out and about exploring the south side of the map, these berries can help you go on longer without starving. However, If you do not want to keep going to this part of the map there is another way to get them. You can plant Guarana berry seeds and farm them at your own base.

In order to get Guarana Berry Seeds, just pick the berries from its plants. The chances of getting a seed along with it are rare. But once you get a few you can start planting them and it should get the ball rolling.

That is all you need to know on the location of where to find Guarana Berries in Sons of the Forest. For more guides on Sons of the Forest, check out our other articles like how to find Blackberries and how to find Salmonberries.