Where To Find Huge Damp Egg In Palworld

Wondering how you can get Huge Damp Eggs and hatch some powerful Water Pals in Palworld? Here is everything you need to know.

Palworld is filled with multiple exciting features like crafting items, catching creatures, building your dream base, intense combat, and exploration. However, Pals are one of the most important aspect of the game. These creatures will help you complete tasks and will also help you during raids and battles.

Additionally, you can get Pals by collecting Eggs and hatching them using the Egg Incubator. These Eggs differ with regard to their types and sizes. However, if players are looking to own some powerful Water-type Pals, here’s how you can find Huge Damp Eggs.

How to Get Huge Damp Eggs in Palworld

Players will have to get to Cold Shore to collect Huge Damp Eggs in Palworld
Players will have to get to Cold Shore to collect Huge Damp Eggs in Palworld

The prime location where most players have found Huge Damp Eggs is in the Cold Shore area. This is a Fast Travel point and is found towards the northern side of the Plateau of Beginnings. To get to this Shore, you will have to travel and make your way to get to the midpoint between the starting island and the Cold Shore.

From here, keep moving towards the north and you will come across an island that is connected to a large ocean. Now, to get to the Cold Shore, you will have to cross this vast body of water. Once you reach this location, you will unlock the Fast Travel point.

Start the egg hunting process by exploring the southern area of this location and keep looking for the Eggs you want. Since this island will be curved in shape, you will have to make sure you are checking each area thoroughly. Here, players will mostly encounter only Frozen and Damp Eggs, therefore, there is a chance of getting Huge Damp Eggs as well.

That being said, if you are not able to find the Egg you are looking for, you can visit the same island or region and search for it again, as the Eggs will respawn in a few in-game days.

We have covered everything you need to know if you are looking to collect Huge Damp Eggs. Since you are interested in learning more about this open-world survival game, check out which are the best Pals for farming and get the list of some of the best Palworld recipes, right here on Gamer Tweak.