Type Soul: How To Get And Use Hollow Essence

Heard about Hollow Essence in Type Soul but not sure what it does? Well, here is how you can get it and check it out for yourself!

If you are a Hollow then you should definitely get yourself Hollow Essence in Type Soul. As per its in-game description, it is “The remains of what was once named “Hollow””. Oddly enough even though it is the remains of the lowest form in its hierarchy, and not of some Menos or Adjuchas, this item is of Mythical rarity. As such you can expect to not find it easily. However, worry not below is everything you should know about the raid boss that drops it and its use.

How to Get Hollow Essence in Type Soul

How To Get Hollow Essence In Type Soul
Image Credits: Type Soul Trello. Bawabawa boss location and how you can beat it to get Hollow Essence as a drop in Type Soul.

You have to beat the boss Bawabawa in Heuco Mundo to get it as a drop.

  1. Go to Heuco Mundo and head to the dark pond-like area. You can identify it by the dead trees surrounding it. Aside from that, this boss has a chance to spawn in the other 3 corners of the map.
  2. It spawns every 1 hour 30 minutes into the game. So the in-game time that you are looking for its spawn should be “XX:00” or “XX:30”.
  3. Since this is a giant boss you should fight it from a distance using long-range attacks. Its size makes it an easy hitbox, but it isn’t exactly weak either, you can easily get killed by it when not being careful.
  4. Some of its moves include:
    • Tail whip: It tries to attack players with its bone spear tip tail.
    • Head smash: It tries attacking players near its line of sight by smashing its head to the ground.
    • Coil up: It coils up and crushes any players too close to its body.
  5. After you beat it, it has a chance to drop Hollow Essence.

Remember that this is a Mythic item, so often you may fight this boss and get nothing in return as such you may have to grind it a bit.

How to Use Hollow Essence

You can use Hollow Essence to reroll your Partial or Full Res.

With that, you now know how to get and use Hollow Essence in Type Soul. If you are interested in this game and are looking for more help then you should find our guides useful on its controls list, how to find & join a division, check EXP, and change weapons.