How To Check Exp In Type Soul – Answered

Checking your Exp is important if you want to learn more about your character in Type Soul. This guide will help you learn how to check your Exp.

One of the most asked questions in Type Soul is probably how to check your Exp. This is an important question for those trying to explore their in-game characters’ depths. You will have to grade up (level up) your character for that. However, knowing your current EXP will help you plan a strategy accordingly.

How to Check Your EXP in Type Soul

You must go to the Hospital building in Karakura Town to check your EXP. You can find it north of the Karakura spawn point near that tunnel. After walking a few steps, you will find this bridge. The hospital building is on the left side of the bridge (refer to the above image).

Once you have found the hospital, go inside and speak with the Nurse called Bambietta in the reception. Pay her 1000 Kan to reveal your Exp in Type Soul. She technically won’t reveal any particular number. Instead, she will tell you the areas you need to work on. It can be anything like getting kills in a raid, gathering more experience, completing Division quests, etc.

The price for checking your Exp in Type Soul will always be 1000 Kan, so make sure that you have enough funds before interacting with Bambietta. Also, if you didn’t already know, your total Kan is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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