How To Get The Golden Lure Modules In Pokemon GO

This is how you can get the new Golden lures in Pokemon GO.

Golden Lure modules are here for Pokemon GO and many players are trying to get their hands on them. This module is needed if you plan to add the Roaming Form Gimmighoul from the Paldea region to your Pokedex. But worry not the process to get them is quite straightforward. So here is how you can get and use Golden Lures in this game.

How to Get Golden Lures in Pokemon GO

how to get golden lure modules in pokemon go
Image Credit: JT Valor on YouTube

You need to send 5 postcards to your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet games to get Golden Lure modules. This will become possible after you pair your Pokemon GO with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. For every 5 postcards you send, you will automatically receive 1 Golden Lure in Pokemon GO. But this process can take some time because you can only send 1 postcard a day. That means you will receive 1 golden lure every 5th day. So make sure you send postcards daily without fail to speed things up.

How to Use Golden Lure Module

Golden Lure Module works in a similar fashion to your other lure modules in the game. Simply walk up to your nearest Pokestop or any Pokestop that you like.

  1. Above the main disk, there will be a white slot for the lure modules.
  2. Change it to the Golden Lure Module.
  3. Now, activate it.

The Golden Lure Module will now take effect and will last for 30 minutes. Its biggest use is to get Gimmighoul coins. Each time you spin you have a chance to get anywhere between 5 to 25 coins.

How to Connect Pokemon GO with Scarlet & Violet

The process for it is pretty simple. Start by having both games running on your phone and Nintendo Switch Respectively.

  1. Open Pokemon GO and go to Settings.
  2. Here, go to Connected Devices and Services and choose Nintendo Switch.
  3. Tap Connect to Nintendo Switch here.
  4. Next, take your Nintendo Switch and in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet open the Poke portal.
  5. Here, choose Mystery gift then select Connect to Pokemon GO.
  6. Now choose Pair with a Pokemon GO account and accept the request you sent from your phone.
  7. This will link both your games and you will be able to start sending postcards daily.

That covers this guide on how to get the Golden Lures in Pokemon GO. For more things Pokemon, don’t forget to check out our Pokemon GO and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet sections.