Skull And Bones: How To Get Gold Skull Rum

To rule the Indian Ocean, you must hold several deadly weapons, one of which is sold by John Scurlock for Gold Skull Rum in Skull and Bones. Not sure how to get the rum? Here is all you need to do.

After barely making it out alive against the attack of the British fleet, recovering Scurlock’s contraband of Explosive Firearms and Opulent Rum was the first quest we accepted. If, like me, you took extra Opulent and sold them to kick start your journey at the St. Anne, you must already know that this small bottle is a key to fortune. As you progress through the campaign and go to the Kingpin, John Scurlock, you will find that his stock has items he exchanges for White and Gold Skull Rums in Skull and Bones.

Collecting Sugarcane and creating the white rum was already troublesome work, but at least the game lets you understand the process via Yanita. However, that is not the case with Gold Skull Rum; the lack of detailed information makes players check everywhere in the game. If you are stuck on this task and looking for a straightforward way to get it, here is all you need.

How to Unlock and Make Gold Skull Rum in Skull and Bones

The Gold Skull Rum is one of the Helm Wares refined from White Skull Rum and obtained from Distillery at Smuggler Operations Rank 7. You spend 10 Smuggler Pass Tokens or Pieces of Eight to increase your rank. Interact with the Helm Empire Overview book to find the Upgrade section. The book is placed on the table of Smuggler’s Hideout. You can collect the required currency by completing hunting and delivery requests from the Helm.

Before you start engaging in the trade request to make the amount of money needed for the upgrade, go to the Distillery and provide them with raw materials to craft White Skull Rum. Since you need two White Skull Rum for Gold Skull Rum, you should make workers work for the material rather than letting them stay idle. If you are unsure where to get sugarcane, check the Supply Chain map and obtain those first.

Buy Scurlock's Long Nines with Gold Rum In Skull and Bones
Check Scurlock’s stock to exchange for Gold Skull Rum in Skull and Bones.

Ruling the Indian Ocean is not something one can achieve in a day. You must embark on various dangerous adventures to collect the material and trade the goods. And that all is worth it when you can buy weapons like Scurlock’s Long Nines. With perks like Mast Breaker, a range of 1000 m, and the power to cripple enemy ships, the weapon is nothing but an asset.

While you are out sailing the waters to collect material for creating Gold Skull Rum in Skull and Bones, you will often get attacked by the Sharks, so learn to fish and repair your ship.