Skull And Bones – How To Fish & Hunt Animals

Not sure how to Fish or Hunt aquatic animals in Skull and Bones? Check out here to know.

Cooking and eating food is the primary source of restoring Stamina in Skull and Bones. To do that, you will need ingredients, and fishing or hunting is one of the ways to do that. Not only you will get meat to feast on but also skin and other remains to use for crafting. In the beginning phase, at least, you will have to rely on hunting down Sharks and other Fishes to satisfy your hunger. But this is only possible if you know how to hunt down your prey with precision and accuracy.

In this guide, I am going to explain how you can easily Hunt and Fish in Skull and Bones. This will then help you to easily gather meat for dinner. So let us get started with our guide.

How to Fish in Skull and Bones

How to Hunt a Shark in Skull and Bones
Hunting a Shark using a Hunting Spear. Image Credits to DefectiveGaming

The methods of fishing or hunting down Sharks and Fishes change as you progress further into the game. During the early phase, you will have a Hunting Spear which you received for free. Whenever a regular Fish or a Shark shows up on the surface, you can aim and shoot the Spear to kill them. While fish will die in one hit, it will take you at least 3-4 perfect hits to kill a Shark.

You will know your prey is dead once the blood begins to float in the water. Then, you can go over to that spot and loot the remains. As you progress through the game and unlock a new Ship, you will get access to Cannons. They deal more damage so hunting Sharks will become an easy job for you.

Fishes will give you Meat and Sharks will give you Shark Meat and Skin. The Meat that you have collected can be used at a Cookery to cook delicious meals.

How to Hunt Animals in Skull and Bones

How to Hunt Hippopotamus in Skull and Bones
Hunting a Hippo using a Hunting Spear. Image Credits to Trophygamers

While sailing on the surface, you can use your Spyglasses to look for other Animals near the shore. You can find animals like Hippopotamus or Crocodiles to hunt. Similar to the fishes, you can hunt animals using your Hunting Spear or regular Cannons in Skull and Bones. They will try to attack you just like Sharks so be careful. Once you have depleted their health bar to zero, you will get their Meat, Skin, and Tooth as a loot.

That’s everything you can do do Hunt and Fish in Skull and Bones. For more content like this, feel free to check out our website for more guides. We have covered plenty of them for you.