Skull And Bones: How To Repair Your Ship

Naval battles reducing your ship’s health? There are a few ways you can repair your ship in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones has you sailing the high seas as you look to be the the most notorious ruler, the Pirate Kingpin. While you will need the best ships to help you reach that goal, there will be a lot of naval battles involved that will damage your ship. Sailing these seas with a damaged ship is not ideal and you will have to learn how to repair your ship in Skull and Bones.

There are a few ways that will help you repair your ship. You can choose to spend some Silver and get your ship repaired while it is docked or you can even find some Repair Kits. Ironically, there are a couple of canons that shoot healing projectiles that will recover some of the ship’s health.

How to Repair Your Ship in Skull and Bones

Use Repair Kits to Repair Your Ship in Skull and Bones
Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

Repair Kits

Repair Kits are probably the best ways to go forward when you are trying to repair your ship in Skull and Bones. Players can craft Repair Kit I and Repair Kit II or buy different kinds of Repair Kits from vendors. Regeneration of the ship’s health depends on the type of Repair Kit that you use. Additionally, there are a few food types like Godrogodro, Trondro Gasy, and others that improve Repair Kit efficiency.

Repair Your Ship After Docking

While it will cost you some Silver, you can head to one of the dockyards and dock. Once you board your ship after, you will find numerous options including the Repair option. Hit Repair and your ship’s health will recover from any damage you have sustained.

Healing Cannons

The Repair Long Gun and Repair Bombard are weapons that players can equip and use to heal allies. While the Long Gun fires a direct projectile, Bombard offers an AoE healing effect for your allies.

That’s all you need to repair your ship in Skull and Bones. If you found this guide useful, check out how to find the Sea Monster, and get Ouroboros, and other Skull and Bones guides right here at Gamer Tweak.