Where To Find Gems In Toilet Tower Defense (And Use)

Do this to get and use Gems in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense.

EP 60 of Toilet Tower Defense came with Gems, Trading Plaza, and some unique Units. These features made the game more interesting and competitive. As trading and purchase of Exclusive Units became simpler with Trading Plaza and Gems, the question of how to obtain and use Gems also filled the minds of players. So read along and learn how to get this currency and where it is used. Also, bookmark this guide, as we will keep updating it with new methods.

How to Get and Use Gems in Toilet Tower Defense

Where To Find Gems In Toilet Tower Defense

At the time of writing, there is only one way to get Gems in the game. You have to purchase it with Robux from the in-game Shop. It costs 299 Robux to buy 200 Gems, 1399 for 1000 Gems, 4999 for 4000 Gems and 9999 for 10000 Gems. There is a chance that Gems might appear with the codes, so you should also check our Toilet Tower Defense codes list. Though there is no free way of getting Gems, there is a way to get Robux. Wondering how? Then keep reading to know.

How to Get Robux for Buying Gems

You can purchase Robux using real money, or get them in an experience called PLS DONATE. This experience allows you to donate and get Robux from other players. And you can set your merchandise and gamepasses for sale too. Read the linked guide to learn how to claim Robux in PLS DONATE and purchase the Gems with it.

Where to Use Gems in Toilet Tower Defense

Use Gems in Toilet Tower Defense

You can use Gems to buy exclusive crate units. These crates are found in the in-game Shop. Launch the game, and get to the Lobby. Then tap on the Shop button from the left corner to find the all the purchasable items of the game.

With this, you can now get and use Gems in Toilet Tower Defense. We have covered many topics of this Roblox game, so if you are interested, check out our Toilet Tower Defense tier list.