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Lost Ark Gems: How To Get, Upgrade & Reroll

Trying to deal more damage or can't wait for your skills to cooldown before using them again? You should get yourself some gems in Lost Ark.

Once you enter the endgame in Lost Ark you will learn about gems and begin to wonder how you can get them. These gems also referred to as jewels are very useful items that can help by increasing your damage or by reducing your cooldown. If you are somewhat familiar with this game you’ll think this is quite the same as how card sets work. While it may be somewhat true but these are also very different. So in this guide let us learn what gems and jewels are in Lost Ark, and also check how to get, upgrade, and reroll them.

How to Get Gems in Lost Ark


what are jewels in lost ark and how to reroll them

There are a few ways through which you can get gems. But unlike some other items in this game gems aren’t a guaranteed drop. So while getting gems as rewards isn’t fixed but these are the activities that give you the best chance of getting them as drops.

  • Beating bosses (field and world)
  • Doing Chaos Dungeons
  • Finishing the Boss Rush
  • Doing Daily tasks/events
  • Doing Test Paths


It is important to know that this is an endgame item and you start getting them after you reach level 50.

What are Gems in Lost Ark?

While you may have learned how to get them, knowing about them can be equally if not more useful. Gems or Jewels are of two types, as previously mentioned one is used to increase your damage and the other to decrease your cooldown. This also answers how to use them, because you use them to reduce cooldown or increase damage. A catch here is each skill can have jewels so when you get a gem it isn’t guaranteed to work with the skill you use. Another vital piece of information is that these gems don’t stack, so the skill will only get the benefit of increased damage or reduced cooldown once.


How to Upgrade Gems

how to upgrade gems in lost ark
Image Credit: Wilky on YouTube
  1. Open your inventory.
  2. Next click on the bottom icon that looks like a diamond or a gem.
  3. This will open the Gem Synthesis window.
  4. You have to next select three gems of the same level. The type doesn’t really matter as long as they are of the same level.
  5. The button to Synthesize should activate, click on it and you can upgrade your gems.


How to Reroll Gems

  1. Go to the Jeweler NPC (can be found in most major towns).
  2. Here select the Reroll effect and choose the gem you wish to reroll.
  3. Once both of them are selected, click on the Change button.

That covers everything you should know about gettings gems and jewels in Lost Ark and how to upgrade & reroll them. Since now you know what gems are you should also learn about the different shards in this game? Check out our guides on what are chaos shards, perception shards, harmony shards, and disorder crystals.