How To Get Fame Points In The Finals

Looking to rank up in The Finals? You need to start collecting some Fame Points.

The Finals would have felt incomplete had it not included a Ranked mode. Luckily for players looking to get serious in this new FPS, it does have it under the Tournament section. The journey to climbing ranks will take a lot of time but most importantly you will need to get Fame Points (FP).

In case you haven’t unlocked it, you first need to play 60 matches for it. But since you are here you most likely have cleared that phase. So the burning question is, how are Fame Points calculated? Well here is everything we know about it so far.

How to Get Fame Points (FP) in The Finals

How To Get Fame Points In The Finals
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

You need to win games to earn Fame Points. You can check how many points you earned or lost at the end of the tournament/match. It isn’t revealed yet about exactly how the fame points are calculated. So the only thing you can consider that is sure to increase it is winning all 4 rounds. There is also a possibility that they could consider the following stats used when calculating it:

  • Combat Score
  • Objective Score
  • Support Score
  • Eliminations
  • Objectives
  • Assists
  • Deaths
  • Revives

How well you play along with the position at which your team gets eliminated in a round could also impact the amount of Fame points you get in a match. During the Beta of the game, you would gain some FP when eliminated at the 3rd position of the second round. However, players eliminated in the 4th or last position would lose FP.

After you cross a certain amount of Fame Points you will climb the ranks. The FP needed for ranks include:

  • Bronze 4: 0 FP
  • Bronze 3: 1250 FP
  • Bronze 2: 2500 FP
  • Bronze 1: 3750 FP
  • Silver 4: 5000 FP

We will add more information on the remaining tiers of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks later.

That’s it for how you can get Fame Points in this game. If you are looking to improve your gameplay then I highly suggest you check our guide on how to get better at it. You can also check our The Finals section for topics like best crosshairs, controller settings, and more.