How To Get Better At The Finals

Can’t cash out no matter how hard you try? These tips should help you get better at The Finals.

The Finals is a different FPS in many ways when compared to some of the other popular titles. This isn’t bad, but coming in from those games may not help translate the skills directly. As such many players are looking for ways to improve and get better at it.

I have compiled a list of 10 tips that should help you see changes in just a few matches once you start implementing them. So from the basics of changing your aim sensitivity to using game mechanics effectively, here are the things you should do:

How to Improve Your Gameplay & Get Better at The Finals

  • Play as Medium Contestant (for beginners)
  • Use the Right Sensitivity
  • Change Crosshair
  • Keep Moving
  • Learn the Maps
  • Learn Your Weapons
  • Use Reserve Loadout
  • Steal Cashout
  • Play with Your Team
  • Use Gadgets

Play as Medium Contestant

Play As Medium Contestant
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

The other roles aren’t bad, but when you are just starting, the Medium build is ideal as it is better balanced for most players. This is especially true for beginners, no matter if you play other FPS titles or not. The medium character is good for starters because it has decent HP and Speed. So neither are your movements too slow nor is your HP low that you will die fast.

Once again, this doesn’t mean that the other classes are not good, just they are a bit more advanced. In fact, once you get used to the Medium contestant, you should try out the other two to see which works best for you.

Use the Right Sensitivity

Use The Right Sensitivity To Improve Your Gameplay
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

This trick is applicable to almost every FPS game. You should go to the Practice mode and play with the sensitivity settings. Find if you are comfortable with it being higher or lower. This comes down a lot to whether you prefer wrist movements for aiming or your entire arm. Why this matters is because once that is set you can move on to learning more advanced game mechanics.

Change Crosshair

Change Your Crosshair To Get Better At The Finals
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

This won’t be of much use as there aren’t many settings available that let you modify your crosshair to make it small or apply other popular styles. But it is still important, you can do things like enable or disable the center dot, decide the thickness of the lines or the dot, change its color, and finally edit the opacity. I suggest you check our guide on the Best Crosshair settings for better help with it.

Keep Moving

Staying in one spot means death. No matter if you are in the middle of the fighting, or defending yourself during the cashout. You can do simple things like not running in a straight line when trying to get away from an enemy if you can’t get behind some cover. Or if you are in the middle of the fight try moving left and right randomly so that it becomes harder for your opponent to aim at you.

You can slide in this game. While running when you crouch you perform a slide. Use it to your advantage so that you can get behind an enemy.

Learn the Maps

This comes down to playing more. But the important thing is you start learning about the different things on the map. Notice things like entrances or exits to buildings. Especially where vaults can spawn and most importantly, what parts of the map can you break. It is alright if you can’t get to the Cashout, however, if you know where it is, you can destroy the ceiling or break some walls to get to it.

Learn Your Weapons

Go to Practice and fire your weapons to see their recoil. This not only gives you an idea about things like the number of bullets after which the gun goes wild. But you can move in its opposite direction to better control it. This will help you win gunfights easily.

Use Reserve Loadout

Use Reserve Loadout
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There is a good reason the game lets you carry extra weapons and gadgets in a match. Depending on what your team has and what the enemy is using, you can adapt and change your equipment. This will help you deal with them better.

Remember you can’t switch them on fly, you can only do it while you wait to respawn. I suggest you check our detailed guide on how Reserve loadout works for more on it.

Steal Cashout

The goal is to escape with the Cashout and not for how long one can hold it before it is stolen. So it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get the vault or if you were unable to initiate the Cashout. What matters the most is your team should be the one who has the cashout before it is about to fill up.

Play with Your Team

Play With Your Team
Image Credits: Embark Studios

A very important thing that can decide your victory is your team’s synergy. That is why being together with your team and playing accordingly is very crucial. It gets even better if you can play with your friends. You can do things like have one Heavy player who acts as a tank. While the other two are Medium switching between the roles of healer and focusing on completing the objectives.

Use Gadgets

Use Your Gadgets
Image Credits: Embark Studios

The gadgets are there for a reason. Be it the Barricade of Heavy contestant or the Goo Grenade of Medium. Each gadget can be a game changer when used correctly. For example, you can drop a barricade when opening the vault to get cover.

However, during the cashout, you can use the goo grenade to block the enemy from getting to the Cashout. These are just two examples you can also use poison gas, jumpads, turrets, etc. for creatively to improve your defense.

Use these tricks and you should start seeing improvements and will get better and even be able to play Solo! For more help with other topics of this game be sure to check our The Finals guides.