How To Get A Legendary Dodo Bird In Adopt Me

Legendary Dodo Bird will be a colorful addition to your Adopt Me pet collection.

Dodo is a legendary bird of Adopt Me. It is a flightless, colorful, and adorable pet with black beady eyes. Introduced as part of the Fossil Isle Excavation, players who missed the event are looking for ways to obtain it. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. Here is all you can do to get this bird in the game.

Though it is flightless, there is a way to make it grow wings and even fly. Additionally, its appearance can be changed to make it glow in certain parts. Not sure how to do that? No worries, as we have covered that too.

How to Get a Dodo Bird in Adopt Me

How to Get a Dodo Bird in Adopt Me
Image Credit: MrPankeyk on YouTube

As we have said before, Dodo was introduced during the Fossil Isle Excavation. The event took place in October 2020 and hasn’t been repeated yet. It is unlikely to come again, which leaves us with two options. First, you have to trade for the Fossil Egg, if anyone still has those. Second, directly trade for the Dodo bird. If you somehow obtain the Fossil Egg, there is only a 2.5% chance of hatching the bird, so rather than that, it is best to trade Dodo.

What is Dodo Worth in Adopt Me? (Fossil Egg and Pet Value)

Fossil Egg was for 750 during the event, but since it is super rare to find it now, many players will be ready to trade Rare pets or other event eggs in exchange. As for the Dodo itself, offers mostly consist of Ultra-Rare pets like Ghost Dragon and Frost Fury. Regular Dodo trade value is 1.35, Neon is 6.10, and Mega Neon is 24.00.

How to Change Dodo Appearance

You can get Neon Dodo from the Neon Cave. Place four full-grown Dodo pets in the glowing circles and fuse to get them. Afterward, you can combine four Luminous Neon Dodos to get a Mega Neon one.

How to Make Dodo Fly in Adopt Me

Feed your Dodo Fly-A-Pet potion, and it will grow additional wings apart from the one it has. As Dodo’s original wings are small, it has to use the new ones to fly. You can buy the potion from the Sky Castle or the Shop for 295 Robux.

With this, you can now get and fly with the Legendary Dodo bird in Adopt Me. For more topics like this, you should see our Adopt Me section.