Blade Ball: How to Get Cyborg Sword and Hunt Badge

These are all the things you need to do to claim the Cyborg Sword of The Hunt in Blade Ball and obtain a new badge.

The new Cyborg Sword of Blade Ball is a blue crystal-like weapon with a futuristic techno feel and clean move. It is a reward for one ongoing event that needs you to finish a few quests. The tasks are simple and wouldn’t even take a day when you refer to this guide. We have given the easiest ways to finish them and the mode best suited for those. With that said, let us get hasty and claim it before time runs out.

How to Unlock Cyborg Sword in Blade Ball

Unlock Cyborg Sword in Blade Ball
You must complete three quests for Cybord Sword in Blade Ball (Screenshot by Gamer Tweak)

Cyborg Sword is the final reward of The Hunt First Edition limited-time event. There are three quests in it and no matter which order you follow, you must complete them all. As you can see in the above image, completion of each task rewards you with one claim. So apart from the sword, you will get +250 Coins and Egg Juggle Emote. Here are all the tasks:

  • Quest 1: Play 5 games in any mode
  • Quest 2: Block the ball 30 times
  • Quest 3: Eliminate 3 people in any mode

How to Complete Quest 3

While it might seem like the third task is the toughest, it actually takes less time than the second one in Classic mode. When the ball targets you, you see the red glow around your character, and the ball will become red to your eyes. Just get ready and press the F to block and send it to another player. Since Classic has many players, you will get the kill in no time.

How to Finish Quest 2

To complete this faster it is recommended to take part in the Duels. During a standoff, you have a higher chance of getting the required blocks than when many players are competing like the Classic. You can go to the Duels area by going to the server selection and selecting it. The server selection is right beside the group rewards.

Once you have completed all the tasks, go to the Limited Event The Hunt section from the main area, and it will open the board with quests and rewards. Claim all the prizes including the Cyborg Sword.

How to Get THE HUNT: First Edition Badge

Get THE HUNT First Edition Badge in Blade Ball
Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

By completing all the quests of this event, you will not only be able to claim the sword, but also get this exclusive badge. The badge will contribute towards The Hunt free rewards list to give Vault Holo, Staff of the Vault Explorer, and more.

After you have unlocked and claimed the Cyborg Sword in Blade Ball, you should get a limited-time ability, Singularity, and free Aura Emotes.