How To Get Cowboy Hat In Starfield

Cowboy Hats are the talk of the town in Starfield, right now. Find out how you can get them by following this guide.

Cowboy Hats are a great way to accessorize in Starfield. You can never go wrong by sticking with the classics. You are traveling across systems, every day, and why not look good while doing that? In this guide, we will go over how you can get two different types of Cowboy Hats. You can then select which one suits your character’s personality more and take your pick. Here is your guide on where you can find them.

Where to find Cowboy Hats in Starfield

Cowboy Hat Location In Starfield

These are the two Best Cowboy Hats in Starfield and their Locations.

Homesteader Scout Hat

  1. To get this hat, you will have to go to the Cheyenne System and land your ship in the city of Akila.
  2. You can directly go to the place called The Rock, in this city. However, you are more likely to get to this location during the Empty Nest Quest. You will have to interact with a bunch of Bank Robbers to get invited to this place if you are following the questline.
  3. You will then have to walk upstairs and get to the third floor. Enter each room and search the place until you find a bunch of Lockers.
  4. Once you have located it, the Homesteader Scout Hat will be in the locker.
  5. If you are following the quest, a woman will be sitting in a chair near the door with the locker. You will have to wait for her to vacate for you to go in a loot the Hat.

Explorer Adventure Hat

  1. To get this hat you will first, have to make Sam Coe your companion, who will be available once you complete the Empty Nest Quest.
  2. You have to complete all the quest lines that are given to you by Sam Coe.
  3. These quests will be offered to you only if you have kept him as a companion for quite some time and he becomes a good friend to you.
  4. He will have a long conversation with you and only after that, he will entrust you with Matters of The Hart Mission.
  5. After completing this companion quest, you will be rewarded with a bunch of items and one of them will be the Explorer Adventure Hat.

We have covered all the details on how you can get the best Cowboy Hats in Starfield. The second best accessory you can pair with the hat is a gun, check out our guide on how you can get the best Pistols and other Starfield guides, here on Gamer Tweak.

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