Manor Lords: How To Get Clothing (Stall & Supply)

Need clothing to get clothing in Manor Lords? Don’t worry if you are confused below is everything you need to set up the stalls and their supplies.

One of the most puzzling problems, especially for new players, is getting clothing in Manor Lords. You can’t find stalls or supplies directly by just exploring. It can get annoying as this problem feels like a deadlock because you need Burgage Plot level 2 to set up a Tailor’s Shop from where you can buy clothes. However, you can’t buy clothes until you have Burgage Plot 2. As such, you come back a whole circle and still have the problem. Worry not; the solution is pretty easy.

How to Make Clothing in Manor Lords

How To Get Clothing In Manor Lords
Image Credits: Quick Tips on YouTube. You can get clothing after you set up Tailor’s Shop in Manor Lords.

If you want to make clothes in Manor Lords, you need a tailor’s shop. This becomes available once you reach Burgage Plot level 2, as explained above. To do that, you can sell Leather, Yarn, or Linen at the Marketplace. After you sell leather, a clothing shop should appear in your Market, which lets you buy clothes, through which you can get Burgage Plot 2.

For this guide, we will check how you can get leather instead of the other two options because it is the fastest.

How to Get Leather

You get leather from a Tannery, you need to use animal hides as a resource to produce them. Here is what you should do:

  1. Find a hunting area and set up a camp.
  2. Next, please set up a Tannery next to it so you can easily transfer the animal hides from your hunt.
  3. Now, from the Tannery, you can acquire leather.

How to Set Up Tailor’s Shop in Manor Lords (Stalls)

After you have your leather ready, go and sell it on the market and you will get clothing. Now, upgrade your Burgage Plot from Level 1 to Level 2. You will also need:

  • Planks x5
  • Regional Wealth x5
  • Timber x4

After your Burgage Plot is at level 2, you can turn it into a Tailor’s Shop. Remember that this decision is irreversible and they won’t take other tasks aside from tailoring. Once done, go to General, and you can set whether you want the Shop to focus on making:

  • Clothes: Requires Linen x1 and Dyes x1
  • Gamebsons: Requires Linen x2
  • Cloaks: Requires Yarn x1 and Dyes x1

How to Get Clothing Supplies

The three supplies you need are as follows:

  • Linen: Construct a Farmhouse and a farm field. Set the field to produce Flax. After it grows, harvest it and then use the Weaver’s Workshop to turn it into Linen.
  • Dyes: Set up a Dyer’s Workshop and give them Berries to turn into Dyes.
  • Yarn: To make yarn, you need sheep, as they give you wool. You also need a Weaver’s Workshop to turn wool into Yarn. For it to work, you must set up a Livestock Trading post, Pasture, and Sheep Farm.

With that, you now know how to get clothing, set up stalls, and get supplies. While you are here I suggest you also check out how Trading Post works this can help you with your sheep and other Livestock. As for help on some other topics you can also check how to get crops, make ale, and recruit mercenaries.