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How to get Cleansing Hearts in Genshin Impact – Oceanids locations

Find Oceanids in Genshin Impact and defeat them to get Cleansing Heart.

Cleansing Heart is a character ascension item in Genshin Impact. Similar to many other ascension items in Genshin Impact, you can get Cleansing Heart by defeating enemies. To get Cleansing Heart in Genshin Impact, you need to get Oceanids locations and defeat them.

When defeated Oceanids drop this item. However, defeating them and getting Cleansing Heart is not at all an easy task as only Oceanids that are 30+ level drop the item. But whatever the condition may be, we have got you covered. In this guide, we will give you the exact location where you can find Ocenids and get Cleansing Heart in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find Oceanids Location

You will find Oceanid at the Oceanid Elite in the Liyue region. It is to the east of Qingce Village. Once you get there, you will find one Oceanid, and by defeating him you will get the Cleansing Heart that you are so longing for.

Oceanids locations

Genshin Impact: How to Get Cleansing Heart

Oceanids are Hydro energy creatures. They won’t attack you directly. Instead, they will summon some minion creatures that will attack you. When you destroy these minion creatures, a small portion of Oceanid is depleted. Here are all the creatures that Oceanid can spawn:

  • Water Crab
  • Water Hawk
  • Water Crane
  • Water Frog
  • Water Boar

As the fight progress, Oceanid will destroy some of the surrounding platforms making it harder for you to move around.

To defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact it is best to use Pyro characters. Alternatively, you can also use Electro or Frost character. It is also important to keep an eye on your health bar while fighting the Oceanid to get Cleansing Heart in Genshin Impact. You can stock up on food items and use them to increase your health or you can use the healer if needed.

When you defeat the Oceanid, he will drop a Cleansing Heart, which you can collect. It will take 40 Original Resins to collect the reward. Hence, make sure that you have them, or else you can read our guide on how to restore Original Resin if you are falling short on the numbers.

Now you know the exact Oceanid location where you can head to get Cleansing Heart in Genshin Impact. There are several other important items required in Genshin Impact and collecting all of them is important. But that can surely get confusing. You can take help from our where to find raw meat and where to find agents’ locations guides. Agents in Genshin Impact drop Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife when defeated. Collecting 3 Hunter’s Sacrificial Knives can help craft Agent’s Sacrificial Knife.

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