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Where To Find Agents In Genshin Impact

Find Agents and get the Hunter's Sacrificial Knife they drop.

Certain items are required to ascend characters and weapons in Genshin Impact, and trust me without ascension you cannot progress in the game. Character ascension is used to increase the level cap of characters and weapons. Every ascension requires different materials depending on the character or weapon you are ascending. One of the many ascension items is Agent’s Sacrificial Knife. You can get an Agent’s Sacrificial Knife by crafting it using three Hunter’s Sacrificial Knives. To get them, you will have to hunt Agents as they are the ones who drop Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife when defeated. In this guide, we will tell you three locations where you can find Agents in Genshin Impact and collect the knives that you want to craft Agent’s Sacrificial Knife.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find Agents Locations

There might be many more locations where you can find Agents in Genshin Impact. However, these three Agent locations are where you can certainly spot an Agent. The first Agent location is the westernmost island of the Guyun Stone Forest. The island is located to the east of Liuye Harbor.

first agent location

The next Agent location is to the north of Dunyu Ruins above the fallen statue. The agent is mostly found here, but if not exactly there, he might be roaming somewhere in the nearby area.

Genshin Impact where to find agents

The last Agent location is in the Luhua Pool. No one knows why he is here, whether he is enjoying the view here or what, but this is the location where you will find this agent in Genshin Impact. Find the Agent, kill him, and get the Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife you are looking for.

agents locations in genshin impact

Crafting an Agent’s Sacrificial Knife will cost you a few Mora and the three Hunter’s Sacrificial Knives. But now you know where to find Agents locations in Genshin Impact. So collect the knives required and craft another much rarer knife. All you need to do is head to the alchemist in Mondstadt. Three Agent’s Sacrificial Knives can then be further used to craft Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife.

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