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Genshin Impact Witness Sigil – Where to Witness Whole Sigil

Witness the whole Sigil in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is filled with quests that reward players with valuable items. While completing an Archon Quest in Genshin Impact titled “Of the Land Amidst Monoliths”, players will have to complete some tasks in Wangshu Inn. While most of the tasks of the quest are simple to complete, the Witness Whole Sigil in Genshin Impact can be challenging. That’s because the task itself is tricky as it asks you to view a painting in the Inn and then find a place where you can witness the whole Sigil. Here’s where you can Witness Whole Sigil in Genshin Impact.


Where to Witness Whole Sigil in Genshin Impact

First, you need to view the actual painting, which is found on the first floor of the Inn, hanging on the left side corner. Once you know what to look for, head out from the Inn and move northeast to the wooden bridge. To make it just a little simpler for you, there is a yellow marker on the minimap. This is the location where you need to go and stand.

There will be two stones and a tree trunk, each having a portion of the Sigil. Now to witness whole Sigil in Genshin Impact, the player needs to face the correct direction and adjust the camera angle while standing on the yellow mark. One thing to note here is that when you go off track the marking on the rocks and trunk will become darker. But when you are close to the correct alignment the marking will start glowing to bright yellow color. This is how you will come to know that you are about to witness whole Sigil in Genshin Impact.

where to witness whole Sigil in Genshin Impact

When you witness the whole Sigil, the further part of the “Of the Land Amidst Monoliths” quest will begin. A character named Dusky Ming will show up and lead you to Ruin Hunter. Now all you need to do is defeat the boss Ruin Hunter to complete the entire quest.

Now you know the location where to witness whole Sigil in Genshin Impact. All that’s left to do now is head there and complete the quest. There are several other quests in Genshin Impact, which are time-consuming. You can read our Genshin Impact quest guides to quickly complete those world quests and get valuable rewards. Here are some of the Genshin Impact quest guides that we have to offer:


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